About us


Our Story

What started over 20 years ago as a childhood hobby, has transformed into a flourishing family endeavor. Cleveland Quail bloomed from owner Joe's love of raising birds of all kinds. He now has over 20 years of experience caring for, raising, breeding and hatching a variety of game birds. The focus of Cleveland quail has transitioned to be primarily Mearns, Mountain and Benson quail. Whether you are just getting started or have experience already, Joe maintains a relationship with his customers, providing education, product recommendations and more.  Now NPIP certified, we are happy to serve you and bring you the best quality, service and support for your quail breeding needs. Thank you for choosing Cleveland Quail!


Breeds Currently Available

We are currently offering:

Mearns quail for sale/ Montezuma Quail Pairs and Eggs

Mountain Quail Pairs and Eggs

Benson/ Douglas/Elegant Quail Pairs 


NPIP Certification

Our entire flock is NPIP (National Poulty Improvement Plan) tested on a yearly basis to ensure our birds are healthy and disease free. NPIP is a national program of both state and federal departments of agriculture and industry. Due to NPIP reglations, we cannot allow facility tours or pick ups. Thank you for understanding.